Do you do boxing and kickboxing?

We are focussed on the sweet science (that’s boxing).

Do you have to fight?

The classes are non-contact. They provide a fun way to get fit and toned. We use the bags, pads, and skipping ropes to get you moving. You will learn the basics of boxing techniques but you do not have to fight or spar.

What if I want to compete?

Gloves Boxing Gym is a registered competition club and regularly goes to competitions held in the Wellington region. If you are interested in competing you should talk to the coach. We do not support boxers in competitions unless we feel they are ready, but we are happy to work with enthusiastic people who are interested in training and competing. The competition season generally begins in February/March and finishes with the annual national championships (generally in August/September).

What should I bring?

For your first session we will loan you wraps and gloves. After that you will need to buy wraps, but we will still have gloves to loan. If you are interested in sparring you will also need to buy a mouthguard.

What facilities does the gym have?

We are a boxing gym so we have weights but no cardio equipment such as treadmills or cross trainers. The gym has punching bags as well as sets of pads, gloves and skipping ropes. There is also a floor ring and a 100sqm mat area. There is a changing area but we do not have showers.

Can I pay for my membership by Automatic Payment (AP) instead of Direct Debit (DD)?

We cannot accept APs for many reasons.

First they are difficult and time-consuming to track. Where DDs can be automated and failures easily spotted and reported, APs have to be tracked manually - we have to go through our bank account records and match payments to names.

Secondly more deposits into the bank account attracts higher bank fees. We work hard to keep our membership rates as low as possible, which means we need to keep our costs of doing business as low as possible and APs are expensive at our end.

We do manage our payments carefully - you can go on hold or cancel at any time so long as you give us notice in writing (email is fine). We do not take payments off hold without checking with you first.

Do you have classes for kids?

We are not currently holding any classes for kids.

How many times should I come each week?

That depends on what other sports/exercise you do. Boxing can be your total exercise programme – in which case you would want to be coming 3-4 times a week. But if you are doing other sports or other forms of exercise you will need to plan accordingly. Our coaches can advise you on what’s best for you.

Who staffs the gym?

Visit our about us for information about our staff.

What do you do in a class?

It depends on the style of class but usually what happens is a warm up with the skipping ropes then work on the bags and pads, followed up with some conditioning work and a stretch and cool down. To see some of our classes in action and to hear what our boxers think about our classes visit our YouTube channel.