About us

Gloves Boxing Gym opened in May 2008 in Hopper St, Mount Cook, Wellington. The philosophy of the gym is to provide boxing instruction for all ages, shapes and sizes. Boxing training is an ideal way to get and keep fit, to tone up and to have some fun along the way.

Gym Staff

Jo Watt, Gloves Boxing Gym Coach

Jo Watt

Jo is the gym owner and main coach. She holds a level one boxing coaching licence which allows her to support competitive boxers in tournaments. Jo is also a qualified personal trainer and can provide exercise advice. She has been boxing for over 20 years and has held her coaching licence for 15 years.



Craig Wood (note Craig is on leave at the moment)

Craig is our technique guru. He firmly believes the key to boxing is excellent technique. His tech classes are focussed on achieving perfection, while still being a good workout. So if your footwork needs work, your punches lack punch and your defence just plain isn’t working Craig is the man to see. He also runs a hectic fit class that will leave you sweating and is available for one on one training as well.


Mike Rings

There are many reasons to love boxing. It’s a fantastic work out, helps you gain confidence, provides cross training for another sport, and teaches you new skills. Boxing delivers functional, no nonsense self defence tools, mental strength and the ability to focus your willpower. And when the shots are flying and you are sweating and puffing you need an attentive, passionate trainer who can look at a fighter and see's what others don't. That's where I come in. Whether you are looking for strategic advice, an introduction to advanced technique, or a killer one on one pad session I'm here to help. Ask me today about private and small group training sessions or inquire at the front desk.